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Yoga Teachers

Romy Pauline Rinke

Yoga and Meditation teacher 

inner expanse - inner harmony - inner pleasure

That's what my yoga practice provides - every day. 

I am teaching Yoga for the joy of the time on the mat, for the gained mobility both mentally and physically and out of compassion for myself and others. 

I started practicing Yoga for physical goals first before understanding its depth and potential on other levels. One day I was talked into a 30 day Yoga Challenge and realised, felt and understood the power of Yoga and its power to transform. Coming from a competitive dance background, an overthinking mind and an unhealthy sense of self worthiness, these 30 days - accompanied by mediation practices - strongly and effectively changed my view on myself, my life and the world around me.

After years of self practice I decided to move to India to experience, to live and to learn Yoga. I finished my 200 hour Ashtanga Teacher Training (RTY) in Rishikesh in 2017 and started teaching there. After soaking up this knowledge and experiences I moved to Indonesia, Bali to widen my experience as a practitioner and teacher. Several Workshops taught by Mark Whitwell, stundet of Krishnamacharya, gave me new input, new perspectives and eye-opening moments that highly influenced my practice and teachings. 

The most important part of me as a teacher, is to meet my students and fellow practitioner on a loving, compassionate and empathic ground. Building a safe space for activity, for rest for an expansion to happen is highly important for me. Respecting and honouring our bodies and minds, connecting the mind and body and unifying the breath and the movement, to really get in touch with ourselves is highly vital. 

Studying holistic nutrition is another doorway into a content and pleasureful life and gives me even more understanding of the body and it's behaviours inside out. Combining nutrition and movement rounds up and leads to a holistic approach to life and is integrated in my work as a teacher and coach. 

Youm Yoga is the outcome of Dennis' and my ideas and wish to create a safe space for individuals to express and allow emotions and movement and to cultivate harmony and peace within. Nature has always been one of my biggest support and its vibrant power will always help and inspire us to understand the simplicity and joy of life

I am now teaching classes, retreats and workshops internationally. I also work as a holistic nutrition coach and photographer. 



200h RTY - Tattva Yoga Shala 2017 

November 2018 heart of yoga master class series - Mark Whitwell