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The people behind Youm Yoga 

Meet Romy & Dennis 

Two young driven entrepreneurs who want to encourage people to embrace their individual potential, to explore their peace within and without and to enjoy life as a daily gift. 

Our business philosophy:

We believe in following our highest excitement. 

We believe in individual power - in warriors carrying the message of peace and love. We believe that each individual has the power to accept and change themselves and the world. 

Our values are communication, transparency, dedication, love and loyalty. Not only for this business but also in our personal life and our personal practice we learn and cultivate self awareness to provide quality for ourselves and for our customers. 

Another huge part of our passion is underlining our connection with nature. Youm Yoga is nature inspired and is enhancing and supporting this connection. To really give back we teamed up with YOGA FOR NATURE a registered charity advocating for the environment, human and animal rights.

Read more on this collaboration and how our products support environment, human and animals rights - here. 

We thrive on human connection. 

Youm Yoga is more then "just" a brand. We are here to build community, to cultivate a conscious lifestyle around self care and thereby care for others. It is gratifying to see people we support and supply so appreciative. 


Why YOUM Yoga  ? 

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