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THE motivation YOU need

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THE motivation YOU need

We underestimate the fact, that we are constantly able to motivate ourself by making simple decisions. Surrounding, people, music, movies, books, food. These factors are strongly influencing you - including your mood, your choices, your vibration, your overall wellbeing.

So we collected and researched some inspirational, excitement making content that help us personally to pull the head back up.  


11 Minutes (Paulo Coelho) 

The seven Habits of highly effective people (Steven R. Covey) 

The essence of Yoga (Osho) 

Success through stillness (Russel Simmons) 

The subtle Art of not giving a fuck (Mark Manson)

Music: We are incredibly emotional and connect songs with moments, people, feelings and more. Music is going right into your soul and play songs that reflect your state of being. Cry with music, scream with music, laugh with music. Listen to songs that remind you of an uplifting moment. Put your physical body back into that state of joy and lightness. 


All we do (

Speaking with authenticity (

Protecting your dreams (

 Absolute Motivation Channel 

Food: Of cause everybody will tell you to eat healthy, lively, high vibrational food - such as fresh fruit and vegetable. Maybe even fast. And that is true ! BUT: putting ourselves under the pressure of always eating healthy often makes it even harder to so so. And if we fail we beat ourselves up. So don't make yourself a plan on what to eat and what not eat - create principles. "I eat what makes me feel good" - Its not only about what you eat, its also about How you eat ! If you start eating consciously and self aware, healthy choices will follow. Be patient. 


Movies: Of cause it depends on what field you need motivation in. Do you want to motivate yourself to take better care of yourself, do you need motivation for working on your business, motivation to work through pain, a relationship, life... Talking from personal experience, I find autobiographies and success stories are most motivational. Even if a movie is dealing with something completely different, it really just depends on the shown mindset people reach their goals with. 

Most movies your probably have already watched, but that doesn't matter. Every time you watch it you will take something out and learn and see what you haven't seen before. So go ahead and watch these inspirational movies. 

Pursuit of happiness  

Green Book


Most important ! Surround yourself with good vibes. Pay attention to your surrounding and see what you can change. Often times its small things. Walks in nature will also recharge your energy and bring you great vibes. Away from technology and concrete, nature is the true healer. 




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