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Self-love is Self-discipline

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Self-love is Self-discipline

Do you love yourself enough to be disciplined?

Do you love yourself enough to relinquish fast pleasure for sustainable happiness? 

Do you love yourself enough to go through discomfort in order to level up? 

Its also important to say that there are two kinds of self-discipline: imposed self-discipline and loving self-discipline. 

We live in a pleasure and high seeking society. We are constantly surrounded by many options to feel pleasure. Food, TV, phone, social media, sex, drugs... and probably many more. It is easier for us to use quick pleasurable fixes then to relinquish them and experience discomfort. In the long run tho these quick decisions and unsustainable behaviour will effect your mind, your body, your career, your spiritual practice and what not. 

So, stick to this self love routine, keep reading this book, keep working on your health, keep moving your body, keep working on that business - Even tho its not showing amazing effects right after a day - they will come and show. Be patient and stay disciplined. 

Discipline means to work and do things that help you grow, that help you expand and realise your true purpose, that bring you further on a personal level. Discipline also means to respect and honour your body and your mind. Meaning to step back and take time for resting and recharging. Discipline is not just about being hard-working and focused all the time. It's about having the discipline to allow both - efficiency and rest. 

Being proud of the way you live should be your ultimate goal day-to-day. Taking wise decisions that bring about long-term peace to your mind and long-term wellness to your body should be the guiding principles of your everyday actions.

Be ready for change. But in order to change, understand this: People can't live with change if there is not a changeless core inside them. The key to the ability to change is a changeless sense of who you are, what you are about and what you value. Find out what it is that is unchangeable within you, what is it that makes you unique. Get clear about that deep anchoring realisation and stick to your intended and set goals. 

Treat yourself gently and allow your strengths and talents to slowly emerge. 

Love yourself enough to DENY yourself of momentary pleasures.




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