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Ending this week and starting the new week 100% GREAT

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Ending this week and starting the new week 100% GREAT

Step by Step instructions on how to end this week and how to start into the new week  


We often times forget that we have a choice. We have a choice to decide, a choice to react, a choice to learn or ignore and many more choice - each week, each day, each moment. 


You can choose to stay in the energy of frustration about what happened 


You can choose to feel and allow those feelings to get and understand their lessons. 


The following steps will help you transform this weeks’ experiences into lessons and next week into a successful week. 


1. Step 

Take a piece of paper and a pen, sit down and think of the events from this week. 

Think of what you have done but most importantly - think of how things made you feel. 

2. Step

Write down these events and your feelings around them. 

Physically writing down what we went through, good or bad, helps us to understand, to release and get clear about our though and feeling process. 


Writing thoughts down when your mind is cluttered feel like closing 30 tabs in your brains! 

3. Step 

Reflect on what you have written down and seek the lessons in it. Keep in mind that emotions are always just a physical feedback of the body that provides the body and mind with information about the always changing nature of reality inside and outside. 

Understand that emotions and events are never good or bad until we mark them as good or bad. 


4. Step 

What can you learn from the experienced events?

Seek the learning in each experience, in each feeling and each event. 


5. Step 

Write down your goal for the upcoming week:

  • Intentions 
  • Manage your time and count in ME TIME 


6. Step

Forgive yourself  <3

Forgive others  <3


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