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Creating Health Habit 1.0

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Creating Health Habit 1.0

You'll never change your life until you change something that you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine !

Series No. 1 --- Step 1 & Step 2 ---


Often times we keep healthy routine, a healthy meal plan or a productive work flow for just not long enough. It feels super good at the start, you are motivated and yet after a few days or weeks your vision of creating healthy habits or routines fades away and you go back to the old. 

Lets create healthy habits that stick, that effect your life sustainably in a positive way and that give you a sense of achievement and confidence. But!!! Always remember: Discipline is self love (click here)

1. One thing at a time !  Realistic and achievable !

Don't try to do all at once! Choose one change that you feel like would help you improve and commit it.  

Also take baby steps. Your habits were created during your whole life in a slow process. The older you get the harder it might me to change habits. Focus on micro-commitments - the smaller they are the easier they are to implement. Its more important to overall commit and stick to something then to miss a day.     Dont just rely on motivation. A habit will only stick if its turning into automatic behaviour - create low level commitment! That will bring you an easier sense of achievement ! 

- Meditate for 5 minute (rather then 20 minutes) 

- write one paragraph of your book or journal each day (not a whole chapter)

- drinking a small glass of water every hour (rather then 1 liter at once)

- eating one serving of fruits or veggies (rather then making salad every day) 


2. Clearing out obstacles and getting clear about the benefits

What are your fears and problem facing the new habits? What are you concerned about when it comes to implementing this new habit? What might be in the way? Are their limiting believes? 

Often we think we are unable to do things for reasons we think we are clear about. But once you overthink these inabilities or fear they disappear and don't seem as scary. 

So write everything down that holds you back. Are you scared to fail? Are you to be a disappointment to yourself? Are you afraid of time? Are you afraid of what others might think? 

Not only will help that help you to implement habits and sustainably change but you might also get to know yourself better, it might give you a better understanding of your thought patterns, your self confidence and will

Taken the example from Step 1: 

- Writing one paragraph of my book: 

I can't come up with something every day (easily to overcome! One paragraph is nothing that will challenge your creativity immensely - If you wrote one you will most likely feel inspired to write more - if not, the sense of achievement is there are your fulfilled your intention)                                                                                           I dont have time (that's why you choose baby steps. Everybody has time for one paragraph a day.)                                                                                                             

If there are fear like "Im not good enough" that's another core believe that needs to be changed. For example by sticking to healthy habits ;) READ  Discipline is self love (click here)

Once removed the fears and problems and realistically overthought its most likely easier to implement new things. 

Also write down the benefits of the new habit - your personal benefits and why you chose to create this habit in the first place. That might be a good reminder when you feel there is no point.

Creating active change will activate your awareness. You are present, you think of the now, you are investing in positive change. 





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