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5 Warning signs that you are mentally and emotionally exhausted

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5 Warning signs that you are mentally and emotionally exhausted

Whenever life hots us with some rocks, it is essential to cool down for a little while. Taking time off doesn't mean you are giving up, you are simply making time for self-love and healing. 

If you find yourself in these 5 signs, it is possible that you are in a rough patch in life. Don't let it drain you ! There is always a way and definitely a lot of learning expertises in these moments. 

1. Meaningless things drive you crazy

- increased sensitivity - you get upset over trivial things 

Don't let yourself suffer. Take time off and reconstruct your world. Time off will always be worth it. 

2. You get easily irritated 

The inability and the lack of power makes you feel irritated. You feel much better anymore safe avoiding any contact with the outside world. 

Dont worry and don't beat yourself up. Everyone goes through phases like this. Consciously take time for yourself, read and work on yourself. 

3. You have difficulties to fall asleep 

Your thought won't stop. Your monkey mind is especially active during this time of the day/night. You feel the exhausting and it makes it harder  to calm down. 

4. You feel less motivate 

You feel like you are not able to get anything done and still feel exhausted. The goals that were there once are getting blurry and put you under pressure rather then lift you up. 

Inspiration is everywhere around us and it will catch you when you least expect it. REST, don't push too hard. Sometime surrendering is the key. 

4. You feel like crying for now reason 

You feel like the whole world is playing against you. You reach a hypersensitive state and the smallest jokes or moments make you feel miserable, angry and sad. 

Being tired - physically and mentally - we lose strength to handle challenging situations. The only mechanism out body and soul use for cleansing is crying. 

So, try to consider other cleansing methods and honour and respect and share your feelings. 

You are not alone, even though you think you are. Dont hesitate to reach out to people you trust and love. 

Next Thursday we will publish an article about how to clean out negative energy, how to recharge and how improve self compassion. 


Until then, keep you head up. 

Much love 





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