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10 Ways to become mentally stronger

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10 Ways to become mentally stronger

1. Take 30 minutes a day to self-reflect -- this can be time without reacting to anything. No phone, no others, to work. Just conscious presence with yourself. Quietness, stillness

2. Choose to do one hard thing ever day -- this might be breaking your comfort zones in many different ways. Talk to a friend vulnerably, break a habit, work out etc. 

3. Let go of a bad habit -- if there is this one thing you know isn't good for you - choose to let it go. Be grateful for its lessons and move past it. Stay disciplined as discipline means self love

4. Develop positive self talk -- what you think matters. Thought and emotions create a frequency and have an effect on your physical and psychological body. Choose to create positive thoughts to lift your vibration. 

5. Identify challenges and set goals -- write concepts, get structure, get clear about what your goals are. Even if that might change every now and then its helpful to keep being structured to have clear vision. 

6. Identify your strengths and weaknesses -- as you do so you will realise that your focus will shift. Rather then being mad or angry about what you aren't good in you can focus on your strengths. Accepting weakness also give you a sense of confidence. 

7. Journal daily -- this will also give you an overview of how your brain and your creativity works. You might understand your thoughts much better and get more clear about what you really want to achieve. 

8. Write down 5 ideas every day -- creativity is like a muscle. Feed it. Even if its not the most amazing ideas each time this will build your idea muscle. 

9. Take care of your physical health -- highly underestimated ! Keeping the body healthy has a huge effect on how overall well being and well feeling. 

10. Create a healthy environment -- surround yourself with inspiring people, spend time in nature, get fresh air. 


The list goes on ! There is always discipline needed to do these things. But discipline means self love. So get your sh** together, appreciate what you have and love ! 



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